Episode 023: Pretty Things Distract Me

Guilliean reads her short story of the same name. Stream it and read along with the text!

Music: Don’t Mess with the Balance (Instrumental Version) from ZapSplat.

Miriam woke up with a start. The bedsprings squeaked as she yawned. The haze of sleep guided her eyes to Agnes. The bottle-blonde slipped on her black cotton top, blinking at her phone. 5:15 AM. The ripples of Agnes’ muscles sent a jolt of fire into her belly.

“Leaving already?”

“I figured I’d get out of here early so I don’t get papped with you,” Agnes explained through a well-timed yawn. “I can’t find my bra. Where did you throw it last night?”

Miriam pointed at a pile of clothes on her side of the room. “I’m pretty sure it’s in there somewhere, along with my things.”

Agnes grimaced as she sifted through the frieze of material. Finally, she stuffed last season’s purple Victoria’s Secret into her midnight blue hobo bag. “I should get going.”

Miriam sat up to inch her way towards her. She pressed her bare breasts between Agnes’ shoulder blades. The weight of her body was like a feather against the black cotton, yet the slight friction sent warmth through Agnes’ body. “Who says you have to go?” She pressed her dry lips into the nape of Agnes’ neck.

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“I have a meeting with Tony,” Agnes replied, weak under Miriam’s gentle touch. “You met him at that party in Century City.”

Miriam let go of her. “So?”

“So,” Agnes shot back. “I have to go.”

“Look, I know you’re all about your career, but it’s the 21st century. I’m sure your fans would be OK with you being a lesbian. You know that people are already talking about it on the internet.”

“It’s not any of that,” Agnes said, shrugging her off.

“I know it’s not,” Miriam said. “But is selling your body worth hiding who you are nowadays? You know there’s stuff going on that would protect you. We’ve evolved as a society not to be rude and judgmental. Well, some of us anyway.”

“This is how the business is,” Agnes shook her head. “You know this.”

Miriam did know. “So… be better than that.”

“I don’t have it in me,” said Agnes. She turned to look at Miriam, who broadly smiled at her. “But pretty things distract me.”

“So let me distract you a little more,” Miriam offered.

Agnes paused as her shoulders sank. “I’ll see you later.”

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